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Cargo Solution.

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Transportation van and fleet of cargo trucks courier service

Custom Transportation Solution? Count on us.

Trust in Proximity Transportation LLC for reliable and cost-effective domestic cargo transportation services with a dedicated team of professionals and a reliable fleet of commercial vans.

What We Can Do For You

Premium Domestic Freight Transportation Services

Our freight transportation service ensures safe and timely delivery of your goods, with a focus on reliability and professionalism.

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Domestic Cargo Transportation Solutions

Our commercial delivery services provide reliable and timely transportation of goods for businesses of all sizes, ensuring efficient supply chain management.

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Efficient Domestic Package Delivery Services

Our package delivery service offers secure and reliable transportation of your parcels and documents to destinations worldwide.

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Why Us

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  • Reliable fleet of commercial vans
  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • High quality cargo transportation services
  • Cost-effective pricing options
  • Timely response times for customer needs and inquiries

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  • Reliable fleet of commercial vans to ensure timely delivery of cargo
  • Dedicated team of professionals to provide personalized customer service
  • High quality cargo transportation services at competitive prices
  • Effective marketing strategies to promote the company's services and attract new customers
  • Timely response times to meet the needs and demands of customers.

Book Online Easily

You can ship to and from anywhere in the world, and book everything easily online. You can pay upon delivery, for maximum convenience.

Speedy Transit Time

We’ve got reliable vehicles traveling with our goods every day, ensuring the fastest possible


Oversized Goods

Our fleet can handle shipments of every shape and size. Just send us your dimensions and we’ll find the right vehicle.

Happy Customers

Proximity Transportation’s commitment to delivering high quality and cost-effective cargo transportation services with a reliable fleet and dedicated professionals has earned us a loyal customer base.

What Our Clients Say

Sandrine Logistics

We are very happy with Proximity's service. The dispatchers were friendly and professional. There were no problems that couldn't be solved.

Mark M.

We work with Proximity a lot, thanks to their competitive pricing and availability. We've never run into an issue they could not resolve swiftly. Also, our shipments always arrive on time, which is extremely important in our line of business.

Halerd Realty

Proximity's staff always talks with us like people, and give us excellent, attentive service. For me, that's the most important benefit.

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Transportation van and fleet of cargo trucks courier service